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Did you know that 35% of Brits claimed to have 'losing weight' in 2016 as their New Year resolution? Are you one of them? So how’s it going? Everyone wants to look their best – that’s why we are always looking for that one diet that works. But what if diets don’t work? What if you’ve been chasing an illusion? What if the answer is to stop dieting?


Diets cause your weight to yo-yo and for this reason are only temporarily effective. So if you are looking for the long-term answer to weight loss let us show you how to achieve this without dieting, counting calories or fat grams or excessively exercising.


To do this you can choose from a number of options:


Choose between our Online 'Balance' Programme, Skype Appointments or Face-to-Face Appointments. We'll show you how to lose weight and avoid diets forever. 


If you answer yes to the following then contact us:

  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Feeling guilty/shame after eating
  • Feeling overly full after eating
  • Night time snacking
  • Eating to cheer yourself up
  • Rewarding yourself with food
  • Constantly feeling hungry
  • Start eating and can’t stop

‘’Reveal the real you’’  - with our

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'Balance' Programme
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Are you:



Fed up of yo-yo diets?

Eating even though your full?

Snacking in the evening?


Want to lose weight?

Start well and then lose willpower?

Lose weight but can't maintain it?

Have a plan but can't stick to it?

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